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As a result of many years of extreme hardship and struggle to get a good job with decent wages, and achieve my independence, I was inspired to start Autistic Advancement. My idea is this will be a self-advocacy movement to promote neurodiversity so those with autism can find a niche in the workplace. I dream of developing a system where people all over the country, maybe even internationally, can set up their own Autistic Advancement chapters to build networks in the autism community, and find ways to support one another.  

I'm trying to gain as much support as possible to start a Centre of Excellence, in partnership with The Autism Trust, in the greater Jackson area. This project would provide a holistic support structure for those on the autism spectrum. It includes a Wellness Centre to provide for medical and nutritional needs, housing, a cafe and retail space employing people with autism, and a business incubator, among many other things. For more information about this, please visit this link: Centre of Excellence Concept.

There are some great articles about the founder, Eric Hogan, and case studies for hiring individuals with autism at the news link: News.

For more information about past events, please visit this link: Events.

I'm also in the process of founding AutVantage, an IT staffing agency focused on employment opportunities for those with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD). You may find more information at this link: AutVantage.